Set Phasers: A Highly illogical Star Trek Podcast

Star Trek Discovery S3 E 7 “Unification III”

November 30, 2020

Season 3, Episode 7: A demoted Michael is still burning with a the desire to answer the questions of The Burn. Evidence points to a program that was run by Starfleet on a mysterious planet called Ni'Var. Well, it's Vulcan, actually. And the Vulcans live there *with* the Romulans. Unification! ...But they left Starfleet 100 years ago and want nothing to do with it. Can Michael, sister of Spock, convince them otherwise? Will she be able to keep it together when her mother shows up?! [nb: her mother shows up] Will there be sweet, sweet Vulcan logic courtroom drama?!?! These are real uncertainties. Unlike the following two questions: (a) Is Tilly going to make an awesome Number One? (b) Will Book remove his shirt within the first five minutes of the episode? All will be revealed (Mr. Book included) as we run it down!

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