Set Phasers: A Highly illogical Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Star Trek Discovery S2 E 9 & 10 “Project Daedalus” & “The Red Angel”

October 5, 2020
In episodes 9 and 10 of Season two, there is a traitor onboard — and everyone thinks it’s Ash! But there is really no time to hunt that down. The DISCO is on the run, and so is Admiral Cornwell (because Section 31 has stopped responding to her hails, what the what?!)
Spock has arrived and he has an axe to grind with his adopted sister, Michael. There’s a minefield (both emotional and literal) to navigate. and the traitor? it’s Airiam — but she tells Michael to find “Project Daedalus” before she gets ejected out of the airlock! WHAT IS PROJECT DAEDALUS? (spoiler: we’ll tell you!)

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